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FULL SPECTRUM-Contains all of the cannabinoids and a trace amount of thc (<0.3% THC


I am super excited to announce we now have an Indie Go Go! Click the link to check it out. There are a couple of great ways to help us out and be first in line to get your Chakra Love CBD oil on SALE!

My story:

Hi there,

I am Jeri Warlick, the founder of Chakra Love. I am a Texas native which grew up making mud pies and climbing trees far away from the design world. Yet, helping my grandmother sew and my father build our home, a love of design and architecture would inevitably develop. I have a background in interior architecture, energy work and a deep love for the simplicity and handcrafted elements in all things. I strongly feel cannabis is the future and can help many with physical and mental ailments. My mission is to educate others on the healing benefits of cannabis, as well as offer a well-made, affordable CBD oil to all.

I realized early on that the world is made up of energy. This energy can be harnessed for healing and wellness. Chakra Love™ debuted in 2012, and has since grown from handcrafted talismans to accessories, apparel, books and workbooks. In summer 2018, with a mission to educate and raise cannabis awareness, the holistic brand launched Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™. This elevated division of Chakra Love™ features hand-forged cannabis tools by designer and founder Jeri Warlick, crafted to evoke a sense of sacredness to the cannabis ritual. A monthly subscription box chock-full of finely curated CBD goods—including Chakra Love™ branded oils, tinctures and more—delivered to your doorstep is now available. In addition, a newly revised Chakra Love™ workbook—the cannabis edition—provides chakra-specific meditation practices and CBD goods designed to holistically restore balance in the body’s energetic chakra system.  

After years of conducting one-on-one chakra balancing sessions and workshops, I recognized how powerful an understanding of one’s own chakra system can be and created Chakra Love™ to empower people to take control of their energetic health. Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™ are a natural continuation of the (r)evolution that is Chakra Love™.

Jeri Warlick Jewelry & Chakra Love are proudly crafted by hand in Seattle in a small production studio in the International District. Slow living & slow loving!

My goal:

The manufacturing cost to launch my CBD good is more than I can do alone. This is where I need your help. Help support my campaign and be first to receive my CBD oil at a discounted cost.

After researching for a year or two, I found a manufacturer in the USA which uses only non-gmo, organic and American grown hemp for my CBD goods.

I am hoping to raise $25-50K to cover the initial cost of production, packaging, marketing and a new website design. I also will be working on developing additional CBD goods curated for the entire chakra system.

I am offering two different perks for folks which choose to support my launch. A discounted pre-sell of my CBD oil. Save 20% now for an estimated September delivery. Wholesale purchases are welcome. Please contact me at

The product:

Chakra Love 500mg CBD oil

PreOrder now for late August delivery!

Chakra Love™ CBD Oil 500mg of CBD

2 ounces of full-spectrum hemp derived oil

containing beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes. *It does contain trace amounts of

THC. The concentration is far below what is necessary to

produce a psychoactive effect, meaning users will not get “high.”

<0.3% THC, complying with federal guidelines. Our oil contains 500mg of

full-spectrum CBD and is unflavored. It can be used as a sublingual (under the tongue drop or added to any drink.)

Made of American, organic, non-gmo hemp with no fertilizers, pesticides or chemicals.

Third party tested by Pro Verde Labs. Lab results available upon request.

The purification process creates a concentrated oil that is up to 40% CBD, with no pesticides, solvents, heavy metals, mold, or bacteria. Carbon dioxide extraction

process to produce a rich phytocannabinoid-rich oil.

2 ounce amber glass bottle with dropper. 18 years of age only. Keep away from children and pets.




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