Jeri Warlick

Location: Seattle

Origin: Texas

This Texas native grew up making mud pies and climbing trees far away from the design world. Yet, helping her grandmother sew and her father build their home, a love of design and architecture would inevitably develop. Warlick has a background in interior architecture, and, as with her architectural work, her love of simplicity and handcrafted elements infuses her jewelry designs.


"Jewelry design began as an artistic expression for me in my early 20s. Folks started to buy things off my neck, and so Jeri Warlick Jewelry became a business."


Warlick is especially proud of her handcrafted chain and handwoven pieces. She uses the finest metals and stones to create jewelry that evokes a sense of soulfulness from within the wearer. Her work is that of a master craftsman and can be handed down to younger generations.

She also launched, Chakra Love, a holistic life-style brand in 2012. It has grown from hand crafted talismans to accessories, apparel and books. Petrichor Goods was founded in 2016. This online shoppe offers earth medicine and ritual provisions for all of those seeking the sacred. Warlick pens Moon Magic Messages four times a month. This magical blog is written around the four phases of the moon and includes ritual suggestions, insight and more. Each member receives a text message which links them to the "members only" blog.

Please ask permission before using any of the images. All images and designs copyrighted JeriWarlick2017 and Chakralove2017

Jeri Warlick Jewelry is proudly crafted by hand in Seattle in a small production studio in the International District. Slow fashion!




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