Vegan Beauty Review of our Chaka Love CBD box!

I have been following this pink haired vegan babe for a while now. So I am thrilled to see the wonderful review she gave us for our new CBD monthly subscription box. See the video link below. Here is a bit more information on Sunny and Vegan Beauty Review.

Hi, I’m Sunny and I’ve lived a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle since the year 2000. I’m a happy, pink-haired wife, mother, vegan beauty junkie, animal lover and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. I was the first vegan beauty blogger to hit the internet in 2007 and have gained a strong social media following. Through my blog ( and social media channels, I’ve shared countless cruelty-free resources, reviews and recipes with my followers.

VBR has been featured in: Allure, The LA Times, Cosmopolitan UK, Women’s World, Veg News, Vegan Life Magazine, One Green Planet, Golly Magazine, Barefoot Vegan & more.

I most recently co-wrote The Compassionate Chick’s Guide to DIY Beauty which is filled with recipes for vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free makeup, skin and hair products. xo

Vegan Beauty Review has been featured by:

Vegan Beauty Review has also co-curated vegan beauty boxes for Petit Vour, Vegan Presence, Vegan Cuts, and Love Goodly.

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Our new IndieGoGo!

We now have an IndieGoGo to help offset the expenses of launching our new Chakra Love CBD oils coming this autumn. YAY!

Check it out here! There are many different donation perk options starting at just $11.




Press Release for Chakra Love CBD Goods


Chakra Love™ Launches Brand of CBD Oils, Tinctures and Tools, Subscription Box and More

Seattle designer Jeri Warlick’s Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™ provide chakra-centered CBD products and information

SEATTLE, WA: Chakra Love™ announces the newest members of the popular Seattle brand: Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™.

Debuting in 2012, Chakra Love™ has grown from handcrafted talismans to accessories, apparel, books and workbooks. Today the evolution continues with Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™. This elevated division of Chakra Love™ features hand-forged cannabis tools by designer and founder Jeri Warlick. Joint stuffers, pokers and dabbing tools crafted from jewelry-grade metals, crystals and charms are created to evoke sacredness in the cannabis ritual. A monthly subscription box of finely curated CBD goods—including Chakra Love™ branded oils, tinctures and more—is available for convenient doorstep-delivery. And the cannabis edition of a newly revised Chakra Love™ workbook provides chakra-specific meditation practices and recommendations for CBD goods to restore balance to the energetic chakra system.


After years of conducting one-on-one chakra balancing sessions and workshops, Warlick recognized the life-changing potential of understanding one’s own chakra system and started Chakra Love™ to empower people to take control of their health on an energetic level. Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™ are a natural continuation of the (r)evolution that is Chakra Love™.


Peruse and purchase Chakra Love Elevated Essentials™ and Chakra Love Cannabis™ at


For additional information, contact Jeri Warlick at or via the Contact Me page.


Introducing the Chakra Love CBD Box!!

I am sure you are thinking...what!!??!! Cannabis is illegal! How in the world is she going to ship it to me? WELL!! Cannabis is illegal in the marijuana form. Yet, cannabis is the general term for all plants in the Cannabaceae family of plants. Hemp is also in this family. It is full of the (CBD) cannabidiol chemical compound found in all cannabis including marijuana. Yet, hep only contains CBD and it has amazing medical benefits. Unlike, marijuana it does not make you feel relief for many ailments to include but be limited to inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety. It is legal to buy and ship in all 50 states.

Feel free to reach out on our Contact Me page with any questions.

To check out my Chakra Love CBD Box click the link.

Each month received full spectrum and isolate CBD infused goods delivered right to your doorstep in a discreet box. Must be 18 years of age. Keep all CBD goods out of the reach of pets and children. It is the consumers responsibility to read and adhere to each manufacturer's  dosage instructions for every item included in our boxes.


Our very first NEWSLETTER!

This month is our very first newsletter introducing the new Boho Love Collection. Check it out! Subscribe below to start receiving our quarterly newsletter full of new items, design and travel inspiration and the occasional special promo code!



Road trip season is here! Where does your soul desire to go? Maybe just in the backyard for a glass of vino with some good friends? The Boho Love Collection is a light and airy addition to your jewelry box. Each piece is stunning enough to stand out on its own or can be easily layered with other pieces. Each piece includes a small drawstring bag so you can toss them into your luggage and go. Perfectly priced so you can spend your cash on weekend getaways. Click the links for some of our favorite weekend getaways and party ideas.

Our fave weekend getaways!

Easy summer party ideas!


A summer collection made with warm days and lighter attire in mind for every bohemian at heart. Teardrop earrings start at $39 retail and necklaces at $69. Wholesale pricing available. For more information visit the link below at bottom of the newsletter. 

The Boho Love Collection is crafted of the finest quality of jewelry grade bronze, brass, Czech glass, metal and gemstone beads. 1.5-3” teardrop earrings and 18” long layering necklaces both perfect for tossing on and heading out into the sun. Available in 15 different hues.







Boho Bell necklaces are available in 15 different hues.

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New service added, Petrichor Goods Rentals

It is no secret that I have a big thing for vintage wares and love styling my own shoots. I have been asked numerous times in the past if I rent my wares and furnishings. I am finally in a place where I can do this very thing. I have just inventoried almost 200 vintage, unique wares, dishes and accessories for your sacred event; weddings, parties or photo shoots. All pieces will be available by the hour or day. Online pricing coming very soon. In the mean time, feel free to send me a message on the Contact Me page for more information.

Tablescape styling services will also be available.

See more at



Cosmopolitan Magazine, Accidental Icon in Jeri Warlick Jewelry.

So loving this!! Lyn rocks my work once again but this time for Cosmopolitan Mag. See the full story and video here.

 Lyn Slater was rebellious even as a young girl in the 1960s, when she would hang rosary beads from her belt as her way of wearing jewelry.  Ruben Chamorro

Lyn Slater was rebellious even as a young girl in the 1960s, when she would hang rosary beads from her belt as her way of wearing jewelry.

Ruben Chamorro

 Slater says her success lies in the fact that she is a nonconformist — for example, she does not accept advertising.  Ruben Chamorro

Slater says her success lies in the fact that she is a nonconformist — for example, she does not accept advertising.

Ruben Chamorro

Shout out on the new Accidental Icon Fashion Blog!!

"Long black bone dagger earrings were my way of saying, "Don't get too close, I am needing some space", yet I can still give you some drama." Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon. I couldn't of said it better. Read the full blog here.

Intentional Packing With the Accidental Icon

I am beyond honored for Lyn of Accidental Icon to be rocking my Black Bone Dagger earrings in this interview with Here Away Travel Magazine.

“I love multifunctional pieces while I travel. I don’t like to overpack, especially clothes, because for me, clothes are just one aspect of my outfit—my real statements are my sunglasses, my earrings, and my bold lip. Sometimes I’ll bring, like, six pairs of sunglasses. I also always bring my Milk Makeup Cooling Water—it has something in it that is almost like caffeine, so when you’re looking half dead after a long flight, this will make your skin glow. Next, I bring my little Instax camera in monochrome and color, because while I like iPhone photos, they’re not good at capturing the mood. And I like to remember the mood of how I felt wearing something, or the mood of a restaurant that I’m in. It’s a better memory-keeper. Then, I’ll bring something like my Issey Miyake black dress that can be worn 8,000 different ways, takes up no room, and doesn’t wrinkle, and I’ll bring my favorite multifunctional, beautiful light sweater made by a designer friend of mine, Milo’ Tricot."

Read the full story here and see more images here:


Autumn Trunkshows

Fall Winter 2017 is online and I am already cranking out Spring Summer 2018!! I am booking now for local trunk shows and pop ups for FW17. To inquire please contact me on the Contact Me page.



NYC in the house! Accidental Icon!

August in already starting out with a bang! I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting one of my favorite fashion queen icons! Lyn of Accidental Icon popped by my studio recently. It was amazing meeting her and gabbing about my favorite thing, jewelry! Check out her blog and Instagram as well.

How to work with your talisman!

Talisman Charged: Helping My Crystals Work for Me
By Erin Snow, RYT 200

I got my first divinely inspired and custom-made Chakra Love™ talisman from Jeri Warlick in the spring of 2013. After a few intuitive healing sessions with Jeri, it became clear that my solar plexus chakra needed some Chakra Love™.
The solar plexus chakra, or Manipura in Sanskrit, is located between the navel and rib cage. It governs our sense of personal power and self-esteem. When in balance, our self-confidence is high and we are able to meet life’s challenges head-on–rather than being derailed or knocked down by them–and move forward without weighty feelings of regret or unworthiness.
Each chakra has a color, and the color of the solar plexus is yellow. The vibration of yellow-hued crystals, such as citrine, tiger’s eye and mookaite – all found on my talisman – strengthen the body’s ability to detox all sorts of poisons, including physical, emotional and mental. These stones directly connect to elimination organs, the liver and kidneys. My talisman also features two clear quartz crystals, for clarity and confidence boosting, and an amethyst to relive stress and quite the mind so I can completely tune in to Spirit, my inner guide, for direction.
Crystals are living things things, and their molecular structures work best when lovingly cleansed and charged for optimum use. Some crystals, like kyanite, are said to never need cleansing, but a figure a little cleansing never hurt anyone. So, for good measure, I maintain a regimen of cleansing and charging my talisman and all of my crystals every month when the moon is full.
Piece-by-piece, I hold each stone under cool, running water from my bathroom sink’s spout. I visualize any negativity that my crystals may have picked up flowing down the drain. Please make sure your crystal is water-friendly. If it has a lot of silica content, skip the water.
Next, I place the crystals in a box, close my eyes and say a prayer that they will be used to serve my (and everyone’s) greatest good.
On the day before, of or after the full moon, I set my box of crystals outside on my patio to absorb the magnificent manifesting energies of the full moon. If it’s raining, I set them on my covered porch. 
There are many ways to cleanse and charge your crystals, but this has been my tried and true method. I encourage you to experiment and discover what cleansing/charging method works best for you and your talisman!

Erin Snow, RYT 200 is the owner of Erin Snow Yoga.

See you at the Seattle Gift Show...Booth #3124B

Well it is that time where we can only expand or quit.. and I am not quitting any time soon. I elected to show at the this year at the Seattle Gift Show. Come see me if you are out and about on Aug. 19-22. I am not as ready as I would like to be but are we ever really ready to go??

Lots of new talismans and meditation accessories.. there is even a book in the works. Whew..

Chakra Love_full.png

Food & Chakra Pairings by Parsnips & Pastries of Portland.

Recently, we were highlighted in this wonderful article by Portland food blogger, Parsnips and Pastries. Check it out. She does an amazing job of explaining how certain foods help to balance our chakras.

Summer lovin'

Summer in the PNW is the most amazing experience. It feels so good to be able to have the windows up in the studio, coffee brewing, music playing and the view of the sea & mountains out my window. I am extremely grateful for the expansion I have experienced in the last six months. I am building an amazing network of followers and consumers, as well as a huge ass soul family.

Designing and creating high vibration spiritual tools satisfies my soul in so many ways. It seems to just flow from the very essence of my being. The connections we make to one another is so important in all we do. I am happy that my chosen work connects to so many.

New things are to come... this seems to always be happening. Yet, by fall Chakra Love™ will have a few new tools to offer. Warlick Design Works will debut a couple of new lighting fixtures this late summer too. Whew. 

Instagram is so amazing and has allow me to connect to so many fairly easily. So you definitely want to keep an eye out for Flash Sales and Give Aways. and

Mad love.


Chakra Loving in 2016

We celebrated our third birthday this January. So much expansion has occurred since.

Chakra Love™ moved into a much needed bigger space. Yay! We have expanded our offerings to include the Pendulum Talismans, actual crystal stones and wands, earrings (very excited for these) and more sacred tools are in the works.

We plan to be at Tulafest here in Seattle this summer and hope to see you. July 9th. More info to come..... and a more detailed blog to come..........oh and how can we forget... we now offer a monthly talisman subscription. The INTUI-SHIP PLAN!! You can sign up to have a random (or not so random if you feel the universe will bring you what you need like we do!) for 3 or 6 months. Save 25% as well. This is an wonderful way to vibe in the crystal talisman you need for all of your spiritual work. Click the link in the side bar for more info.

cosmic kisses,

Jeri and team

Gypsetting in my own back yard

Are you excited to see your friend, go for walks, stop and smell the roses, laugh at funny pictures on your phone? My sweet lil boy of 5 asks me this before my friend arrived. Lakey Love (as I call her) has always been one to definitely remind me to stop and smell the roses..She is an amazing soul with an even more amazing ability to take life's shit and not only view it from the upside but then pose it in her writings so the world can experience it as well.

Her short but spirit filled visit reminded me that you do not have to go far to replenish your soul. Time must of stood still for a moment or two.......Coffees......beaches, sunsets, the sea, manicures and a walk about through our fine city was all I needed. We retraced the steps of her wilder years and reclaimed the energy and sweetness of many memories. Who knew Bruce Lee's place of burial had so much energy that you could actually feel it sway at your feet? While she was here, she received the news that her very first manuscript is on its way to becoming a best seller....her editor was amazed by here words..and you will be too.

The soul needs good friends that are willing to become nomadic if even for a day, walk and talk with you as you reclaim the very essence of life. Not sure who said this but it is perfect "Gypsets are creative and optimistic people who blend fashion and art, whilst maintaining a relaxed, laidback approach to life"

Many soulful thanks to my dear Gypsy friend, Lake. Thank you for helping this urban gypsy reclaim so of life's sweetness.


jeri and lakey.jpg

Urban Gypsy


She lives with true abandon. She is quick to throw a bag in the car and go. She eagerly anticipates sleeping next to the earth. She loves to wander and always allows for the things that cajole her soul, whether it is in the city or mountains. She knows the value of a good man's love and a strong cup of coffee. She raises her child like a true wolf mamma. She gets lost beside the sea. She looks to the moon for companionship. She is mad and you love it. She can make something of nothing. She dances through life and will drag you along. She loves art, the earth, magic, telling stories, exploring, creating but most of all loving. Her style is just as easy going as her state of being. She can not help but to be authentic in her dress and life. Beautifully crafted jewels that emanate an energy that matches her own. Urban Gypsy.